Dry skin is a skin that makes people feel inferior and needs a lot of hardship. Because to improve dry skin, we must need a lot of long term knowledge to care for the skin. Further, it is also hard to make up on dry skin. When using the wrong foundation on dry skin, make the makeup layer look bad, uneven, and chalk does not stick to the skin. Therefore, choosing the right type of foundation is best for dry skin is essential.

But what kind of foundation should choose when this product is available in diverse styles, designs, prices, and brands. If you are confused about the selection of foundation, then this article is for you. Join us to learn about the best lightweight foundation for dry skin to buy a suitable product.

Which Type of Foundation Is Best for Dry Skin?

What is the cause and harm of dry skin?

Under normal conditions, the skin’s sweat glands provide an ideal amount of moisture to the surface of the skin to ensure functions. Natural oil film, NMF, Ceramide, moisturizers, and an amount of oil on the skin will create a film that you are missing in the horny layer of the dry skin. It is very helpful in maintaining the skin’s natural moisture so that the skin does not lose moisture. If loose skin moisture, it will lead to dry and flaky skin. In turn, it causes poor self-healing ability, loss of skin structure, cracks, and aging.

Around us, there are many factors that cause the skin to lose its ability to create moisture and protect the natural moisture. For example, harsh living conditions with increasingly hot or dry climates, even many of us have to work in chemical conditions, dust, or air.

When the skin is dry, it is unable to create moisture and unable to retain its own moisture. And, as mentioned in the beginning, when the skin becomes dry, the makeup is difficult to do. When the skin lacks moisture, makeup is like building a house on a weak foundation and start peel off after some time.

Moreover, the makeup layer cannot be soft, sticking to the skin, but appears rough and flaky patches.

With today’s modern technology, cosmetic brands have launched a line of the specialized foundation for dry skin. Not only have these foundations create the best makeup for dry skin, but they also limit the peeling – cakey flakes.

Which Type of Foundation Is Best for Dry Skin?

Distinguish the foundation creams

Foundation – is a fairly basic beauty step to start with makeup. And for dry skin makeup, the best types of foundation able to provide moisture for a certain period of time. We have the form of a foundation like:

Cream Foundation: Cream foundation, is the most perfect and popular foundation for dry skin. Because it has a light liquid texture like a moisturizer and has the ability to absorb deep into the skin. Further, it minimizes the dry flakes and able to effectively moisturize the skin thanks to its oily composition. On the market today, there are many qualities Cream Foundation with a high concealer ability to hide wrinkles.

Liquid Foundation: the liquid foundation is a light product with liquid texture thanks to its oil and water base. The liquid nature makes this foundation very light, and it does not cause any heavy feeling to your skin. Moreover, it also helps you with easy and comfortable makeup.

Cushion Foundation: It is a step forward in the cosmetic market because it is not just a cream product but a combination of foundation with Essence. It offers many benefits, including makeup, moisturizing, and anti-wrinkle product.

Powder Foundation: Powder foundation has very little oil in the ingredients table and is not a suitable foundation for dry skin. But there are many high-class and prestigious cosmetic brands producing powdered foundation with moisturizing ability. This foundation is even thinner than a liquid, creamy cream base of it is easy to wash, but it needs good makeup skills.

The Criteria To Buy Foundation For Dry Skin

  • Check moisturizing ingredients

Unlike other skin types, dry skin needs a foundation for dry skin to be able to moisturize and retain that moisture. So look at the ingredients list for moisturizing benefits such as hyaluronic acid, squalane and ceramide. These are all important ingredients for moisturizing, so must be in the foundation for dry skin.

  • Choose products that are easy to disperse

This is a very important but often overlooked factor. Bad foundation creams can create friction on your skin, causing it to scratch, hurt, and make the skin drier. The damage is so small that not many people pay attention to them. But few people know that those small wounds accumulated in the long term can significantly damage the skin. That is why people with dry skin should especially choose the foundation that can spread easily.

A foundation for dry, easily-blended skin often comes with a disadvantage of ineffective concealer. I will tell you two tips to fix this problem. One is using a brush with cream and lightly dab on the area of ​​concealer and, if not enough, use concealer creams.

  • Check for ingredients that are harmful to your skin

This is an essential step for almost all skin-related cosmetics, especially facial skin. Surfactants, allergens, and preservatives are the most damaging ingredients for dry skin that you need to limit to use, or preferably, don’t use.