Being able to walk in high heels has many advantages – it can make you look taller, make your legs look longer, and can overall make you look sexier. All in all, being able to walk in high heels well can add to your self-confidence.

The ability to walk in high heels effortlessly is a skill that can be learned. Aside from practicing to actually walk in five-inch stilettos, there are tips you can keep in mind while learning how to walk in high heels.

First of all, you have to take your time in learning how to walk in these shoes. Don’t rush things. You should understand that mastering walking in high heels takes time. Otherwise, if you try to speed things up before you’re ready, you risk getting injuries and painful feet.

One of the differences in walking with high heels compared to walking in flat shoes is that you have to take smaller steps or strides in high heels. Don’t try to lengthen your stride, or you will look awkward.

If this is your very first time to use high heels, it’s best to start small and work your way from there. Don’t go trying to walk in five-inch heels right away. Try two inches first or even wedge shoes for you (and your feet and legs) to get accustomed to the feeling. You can move up to taller heels once you feel comfortable walking in not-so-tall ones.

Of course, nothing beats practice. Use your high heeled shoe at home. Walk slowly and carefully at first. One of the most important things to remember when walking in high heels is that your walk has to appear natural. The best way to walk while in high heels is to let the heel of your foot land on the ground first before smoothly transferring your weight to your toes. When practicing, make sure you try to walk on different types of surfaces, that is: carpeted floors, tiled floors, etc. This is for your feet to get used to how it feels when you actually use high heels outside the house.

Maintain a straight posture. Yes, using high heels can give you a sexier stance – but if and only if you know how to handle it well. Additionally, maintaining a straight posture while walking in heels make you look more confident.

Knowing how to walk in high heels properly won’t only boost your confidence, it will also ensure that you won’t get injured as you stride proudly in them.

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