What you wear when you go to the gym has been ignored for a long time. There hasn’t really been much of a choice outside of the large brands such as Nike and Adidas etc however I wouldn’t really consider those as really part of the fitness/gym community and lifestyle. There hasn’t been a brand that really stood out or you would associate with someone that takes fitness and living a healthy lifestyle seriously, that was at least until a few years ago.

Gymshark was created in 2012, by some students in Birmingham, and since then there has been an explosion in gym clothing brands most likely due to the success of other brands. Nowadays every large Facebook page, popular YouTuber or fitness model has their own clothing line. However Gymshark was one of the first and honestly does the most innovative designs and forward thinking materials which make them the most stylish gym wear in my opinion. Of course it does come in rather pricey for what you will essentially wear at the gym and sweat! Having said that I think Gymshark’s range of clothing is stylish and flexible enough to wear on a variety of different occasions and shouldn’t just be limited to the gym.

You can of course pick up some of their stuff on clearance for when they discontinue a range or you can pick up some of their more basic items which are slightly more affordable. You should also be on the lookout for a Gymshark discount code that could get you 10% off your order.


What helped propel Gymshark to popularity was its army of promoters on social media particularly on YouTube and Instagram that was able to leverage other people’s followers and reach a large number of followers very quickly.

Whilst Gymshark have very humble origins, originally starting out with some simple vests they have developed into much more than that now sporting a number of ranges and have pioneered new types of fabrics, designs and cuts. Pretty much all of their clothes utilize tapered fits which are absolutely essential to accentuate the physique you work so hard for in the gym. They often use stretchable materials to allow the clothes to better fit your form and to complement your physique. Nobody wants to be wearing a big bag that does nothing to show off your shape. On top of that their materials are breathable which is essential when working out and sweating in a gym.

What I particularly like is their seamless range, which is particularly innovative as well as the two tone fabrics that they use which give their clothes a premium look and feel. Overall you really can’t go wrong with Gymshark. If you already know Gymshark and are looking for other gym clothing brands then I could also recommend Purse Fitness as well as Physiq Apparel which are also UK brands and growing quickly.

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