Best Brow Styles for Your Face Shape

Eyebrows play a critical role in enhancing your facial features. And unfortunately, just because the strong bushy eyebrows of Cara Delevingne are super trendy nowadays, doesn’t mean that these brows will be right for you as well.

Just like your hair, the brow style that will be appropriate for you will greatly depend on the shape of your face. Each face shape call for different brow styles not only to accentuate and enhance what’s already there, but also to create facial symmetry and generally make you look more attractive.

But first and foremost, you must determine the shape of your face so you would have an idea which brow style and shape will work best for you.

The most basic face shapes are: round shaped face, long shaped face, oval shaped face, heart shaped face, and square shaped face.

Find out the best eyebrow styles for each face shape below:

Round Shaped Face

If your face is rounded, just like Miley Cyrus’s or Kate Upton’s face, brows with high and sharp angles will be the most suitable for you. Brows with angular shapes will help create or boost bone structure that is often not defined when you have a round shaped face.

Long Shaped Face

If your face is long shaped, like Liv Tyler’s, Sarah Jessica Parker’s, and Hillary Swank’s, the goal is to have a brow style that will elevate your face’s horizontal features – especially that having a long shaped face already puts emphasis on your face’s vertical features. Therefore, you may want to work on extending the tails of your brows to enhance the vertical features. Avoid making your brows heavy, strong, and flat as this may not be a flattering addition to your face shape.

Oval Shaped Face

If your face is shaped like an oval, just like Jessica Alba’s face shape, then you’re very fortunate because an oval shaped face will go well with almost every brow style. You can try high arched, angular, and even heavy, strong brow style.

Heart Shaped Face

Having a heart shaped face, like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s, can be tricky to handle. Since the emphasis on the heart shaped face already lies on the forehead, you should avoid heavyset eyebrows that would even draw more attention to the upper portion of your face. Keep your brow well groomed, stick to maintaining low, slightly straight arch for your brows.

Square Shaped Face

Having a square shaped face means having a strong jaw line and rather angular facial features. If your face is square shaped just like Angelina Jolie’s and Olivia Wilde’s, softening your facial features by choosing slightly rounded eyebrows is the right choice for you. Just make sure to balance the angularity and roundness of the brow shape so as to avoid your brows from being too round shaped, appearing like a rainbow.


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