Ways to Treat Oily Skin


One of the most popular problems especially among women is oily skin. Excessive oil on the skin can lead to the formation of pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. Aside from genetics, there are many other factors that contribute to the overproduction of oil such as diet, lifestyle and health conditions.

For those with oily skin, here are some ways to deal with it:

  • Always keep your skin clean. You can do this by regularly washing your face at least twice a day to remove excess oil and dirt that has accumulated throughout the day. You should also find a good cleanser that is powerful, but mild enough to be tolerated by your skin.
  • It is also important to choose the right beauty products for you. Nowadays, there are a lot of brands that specifically cater to what your skin type is. Choose products that are specially formulated for people with oily skin. You should consider this not only for your skin care regimen products, but also your make-up.
  • Speaking of make-up, don’t forget to remove it before going to sleep. During sleep, you should allow your skin to breathe and re-energize. This is only possible if you clean your face before bedtime.
  • For your diet, avoid greasy and oily foods. In addition, make sure to include a lot of vegetables and fruits while also avoiding foods that are high in sugar. For your vitamins, B2 helps in the prevention of sebum overproduction. Foods high in Vitamin B2 include nuts and beans.
  • Hydrate the skin. When it is dehydrated, glands will produce more oil. According to experts, the best thing to do is to use a clay mask once in a while. You can also use a good moisturizer that contains effective ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.
  • Take advantage of the tightening power of egg whites. Packed with Vitamin A, it is not only use to remedy oily skin; it can also help with skin blemishes. All you have to do is to get one egg white then apply it to your face. Leave for a few minutes to dry before rinsing your face with warm water.
  • Aside from eggs, lemons are also useful in helping reduce oil production. They do not only work to fade out blemishes and acne scars, lemons can also restore the natural pH of the skin. It is a popular ingredient in beauty masks.
  • Try out Aloe Vera gel, which is readily available in drugstores. Just dab it on your face and let it absorb the excess oil to clear out your pores.

Oily skin should not be a cause of alarm unless it already affects your daily activities. The list above contains some of the most effective ways to tackle oily skin problem. If it is too much, it is recommended to consult a skin expert. There are a lot of myths when it comes to skin care. To avoid doing things that you might regret later on, you should ask for a dermatologist’s advice.


Time-Saving Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know


How much time does it take to complete your beauty regimen everyday? If you want to get extra sleep in the morning, here are some time-saving beauty tips that you may want to follow.

  • By putting your hair up before sleeping, it will be easier to style it the next morning. It will also keep your hair from your face, which may cause acne breakouts.
  • When doing your make-up, experts recommend doing your eyes first before putting foundation to save more time.
  • Instead of foundation, you can choose a good moisturizer or cream that can give you great coverage and hydration. It will also be wise to choose a product that can provide protection from the sun too.
  • Organize your cosmetics. Get rid of the products that you do not use. By doing, so it will be easier to spot what you need.
  • Put all your basics in a clear hand bag. Aside from the fact that you can easily carry it anytime, a translucent bag will save you time because you can spot your make-up faster.
  • Use products that can multitask. For example, buy a lip tint that can double as a blusher. Aside from saving money, you will also be able to save time in doing your make-up.
  • Invest on a good brow gel to perfect you eyebrows. As a rule, you should go for a lighter shade than your hair.
  • If you are really running out of time, you can mix your foundation with your moisturizer.
  • Buy cosmetics that are very close to your natural colors.
  • Try on stick on nail polish if you do not have time to get your nails done before an important date or event. Stickers that are easy to apply and peel are readily available in stores.

As cliché as it may sound, time is gold. With a very fast-paced world that we live in, every second counts. If you want to save more time without skipping your beauty regimen, then just follow the tips listed above.

Simple Tips to Prevent Acne Breakouts


You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on creams that promise to prevent acne breakouts. Did you know that there are simple ways that can help prevent acne formation?

  • Always keep your skin clean all the time. Follow a skin routine that perfectly fits what your skin needs. Wash your face at least twice a day to remove not only oil and dirt, but dead skin cells as well. If you are very sensitive, use a mild cleanser. When cleansing your face, use cold water to help prevent breakouts.
  • One of the most important components of skin care is moisturizing. Skin moisturizers can help clear excess dirt and oil. In addition to this, anti-acne products usually contain ingredients that can dry the skin. Therefore, moisturizing it should be a top priority.
  • Aside from your face, it is equally important to keep your hair clean. Your hair can accumulate dirt and oil during the day and if it comes in contact with your face, you are more susceptible to acne formation.
  • Acne forms when the pores in your skin are blocked with dirt or oil. With this in mind, it is important to choose the right make-up that will not clog your pores. Make-up plays a huge role in the condition of your skin. For cosmetics, choose non-comedogenic type. Do not waste your money with products that could potentially lead to breakouts. It will also be helpful to avoid heavy products that contain oils and butter.
  • Aside from make-up, you should also check the label of your shampoo. Some ingredients may irritate your skin, which will result to breakouts too. If you cannot get all-natural products, try out shampoos that are fragrant-free. Also make sure to rinse well everytime.
  • Use a facial wash that contains salicylic acid. This is an effective way to prevent acne from forming.
  • Never sleep with your make-up on. No matter how light your make-up is, it is important to clean your face before going to bed. According to skin experts, you should follow the 1-minute rule wherein you will leave the facial wash for 1 minute before rinsing it off giving enough time for the product to take effect.
  • Make sure that you regularly change your pillowcase at least once a week. Your pillowcase basically collects all the dirt and oil. A clean case will ensure that dirt and all the debris will not come in contact with your face.
  • Follow a well-balanced and healthy diet. Your diet should consist mostly of vegetables and fruits. As much as possible, avoid oily and greasy foods as they may trigger breakouts too.
  • Applying ice to the face can be a big help. Aside from soothing the skin, it can also help remove trapped dirt and excess oil. Applying ice can also shrink your pores.
  • Don’t stress yourself too much. If you are always stressed out and worrying too much, your will body produce more stress hormones, which, will in turn, cause breakouts. So, the best thing to do is to take a chill pill!
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours a day. No matter how busy you are, you should never sacrifice your sleep. Lack of sleep will not only cause acne formation, but may affect your overall health as well.
  • Avoid touching your face. Just like your hair, your hands can accumulate dirt which may cause pimples. If you cannot avoid it, just make sure to wash your hands regularly.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Hydration is crucial for a clearer and healthier skin.

With proper skin care, it is possible to prevent acne breakouts. Just follow the tips listed above and see for yourself the difference they can make.


Foods That Help Boost Hair Growth


Diet plays a key role when it comes to the condition of your hair. In fact, deficiencies in essential nutrients and minerals can lead to various hair problems such as dryness and hair loss.

In order to get the hair of your dreams, here are some foods to incorporate in your diet.

  • Salmon/Sardines

Packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, these fishes do not only promote hair growth, but healthy scalp as well. In addition to the fatty acids, they are also rich in protein and Vitamin D.

  • Eggs

Just like salmon and sardines, eggs contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Moreover, it also has biotin, which is very good for the hair.

  • Green and yellow vegetables/fruits

These vegetables and fruits are rich in Vitamin A, which is essential for healthy hair and scalp.

  • Foods rich in Vitamin E

You should include dark green vegetables, whole grains and legumes to your diet to get enough Vitamin E. This vitamin improves blood circulation. If the circulation is impeded, nutrients and minerals will not be able to reach its destination in the body, in this case, the hair follicles.

  • Yogurt

Hair is made up of protein; therefore, it is important to ensure that you have enough of it from your diet. One item that is rich in protein is yogurt. It is also known to contain Vitamin B5, which can fight against hair loss and thinning.

  • Yellow bell pepper

Did you know that this vegetable has five times the quantity of Vitamin C found in oranges? Yes, you’ve read that right! Because of its Vitamin C content it has the ability to strengthen the hair.

  • Strawberries

Aside from yellow bell peppers, you should also include strawberries in your diet. One cup of this delicious fruit will give you more than 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

  • Iron-rich foods

Read meat, seafood and poultry are just some of the iron-rich foods that may benefit your hair. Without iron, the follicles of the hair will be starved of oxygen, an important component for hair health and growth.

  • Almonds

Almonds are very rich in biotin, an essential component for healthy hair. It is also rich in Vitamin E and has the ability to repair damage that was caused by too much sun exposure.

  • Oysters

One of the most common causes of hair loss is the lack of zinc in the diet. To achieve healthy hair and scalp, eat oysters regularly.

  • Chicken

Chicken can help remedy the thinning of your hair. As we have mentioned earlier, protein is crucial for the hair. It is considered the building blocks of your crowning glory. Without protein in your diet, the body will not have the means to replace the hairs you lose everyday through natural shedding.


These are just some of the best foods to include in your diet. It is also important to remember that diet is not enough; there should be a holistic lifestyle change to help your hair grow faster.

Here are some additional reminders

  • Exercise is important. Physical activity ensures good blood circulation to the scalp, which is, of course, essential for the hair to grow.
  • Drink enough water. Did you know that ¼ of your hair’s component is water? Water will not only help hair to grow, but also give it the moisture that it needs.
  • Avoid using products with harsh ingredients.
  • Always treat your hair with care. Do not brush your hair while it is still wet. Also, it is better to use a soft brush to comb it.
  • Massage the scalp regularly. This will also help in better blood circulation.
  • Do not forget to trim your hair regularly to make it healthy.
  • Allow yourself to regenerate through rest.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner. There are a lot of good quality hair products that contain natural ingredients.

By including in your diet the foods listed above and following all the reminders, you will surely get the beautiful hair that you have always wanted.


Remedies for Dry Skin

Remedies for Dry Skin

No matter how high the quality and how expensive your make up is, it would still be difficult to look good when you have dry skin. Moreover, having dry skin isn’t only unpleasant to see, but it is itchy and unhealthy as well.

Dry skin can be a result of many things, from cold wintery months to an underlying negative health condition.

While you can opt for commercial moisturisers sold at the local store, these moisturisers can be quite expensive. Luckily, there are various ways you can remedy and soothe your dry skin at home.

When you have dry skin, the goal is to moisturise it; and there is no better way to moisturise your skin than using oil. If you are looking for a truly affordable means to make your skin supple and smooth, you can use your household Olive oil. Olive oil can serve as a truly effective moisturiser. It also has anti inflammatory ingredients that relieve reddening skin.

Avoiding long, hot baths can also help prevent having dry skin. While hot baths can feel relaxing, it can thoroughly dry your skin. Use lukewarm water for your baths instead.

Applying milk to your skin can also soothe dry skin. Milk can effectively get rid of the irritating itch that comes with dry skin.

When you use moisturisers, or even Olive oil as mentioned above, do it at the right time. Moisturisers and lotions were designed to lock in your skin’s moisture. So, the best time to apply them is right after you’ve taken a bath – while you’re skin is still damp from the shower.

The use of strong antibacterial soaps or beauty soaps rich in strong chemicals is a no-no when you have dry skin. Make sure that you use extremely mild soap to avoid aggravating your skin’s dryness.

Try the overnight cure: Soak in a lukewarm bath to the point where your fingers and toes start to wrinkle, then lightly pat your body dry. Afterwards, apply oil onto your entire body while your skin’s damp and then put on your pyjamas and go to bed. You’ll wake up all supple and properly moisturised.

Shaving when you have dry skin can also cause more irritation to your skin because doing so does not only eliminate unwanted hairs; shaving also strips your skin of natural oils. However, if shaving is necessary, just make sure to do it right after showering and don’t forget to use shaving creams/gels.

Having dry skin is no laughing matter; use these tips to soothe your dry skin.

Best Brow Styles for Your Face Shape

Best Brow Styles for Your Face Shape

Eyebrows play a critical role in enhancing your facial features. And unfortunately, just because the strong bushy eyebrows of Cara Delevingne are super trendy nowadays, doesn’t mean that these brows will be right for you as well.

Just like your hair, the brow style that will be appropriate for you will greatly depend on the shape of your face. Each face shape call for different brow styles not only to accentuate and enhance what’s already there, but also to create facial symmetry and generally make you look more attractive.

But first and foremost, you must determine the shape of your face so you would have an idea which brow style and shape will work best for you.

The most basic face shapes are: round shaped face, long shaped face, oval shaped face, heart shaped face, and square shaped face.

Find out the best eyebrow styles for each face shape below:

Round Shaped Face

If your face is rounded, just like Miley Cyrus’s or Kate Upton’s face, brows with high and sharp angles will be the most suitable for you. Brows with angular shapes will help create or boost bone structure that is often not defined when you have a round shaped face.

Long Shaped Face

If your face is long shaped, like Liv Tyler’s, Sarah Jessica Parker’s, and Hillary Swank’s, the goal is to have a brow style that will elevate your face’s horizontal features – especially that having a long shaped face already puts emphasis on your face’s vertical features. Therefore, you may want to work on extending the tails of your brows to enhance the vertical features. Avoid making your brows heavy, strong, and flat as this may not be a flattering addition to your face shape.

Oval Shaped Face

If your face is shaped like an oval, just like Jessica Alba’s face shape, then you’re very fortunate because an oval shaped face will go well with almost every brow style. You can try high arched, angular, and even heavy, strong brow style.

Heart Shaped Face

Having a heart shaped face, like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s, can be tricky to handle. Since the emphasis on the heart shaped face already lies on the forehead, you should avoid heavyset eyebrows that would even draw more attention to the upper portion of your face. Keep your brow well groomed, stick to maintaining low, slightly straight arch for your brows.

Square Shaped Face

Having a square shaped face means having a strong jaw line and rather angular facial features. If your face is square shaped just like Angelina Jolie’s and Olivia Wilde’s, softening your facial features by choosing slightly rounded eyebrows is the right choice for you. Just make sure to balance the angularity and roundness of the brow shape so as to avoid your brows from being too round shaped, appearing like a rainbow.